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Adult Voice & Text Service

L$10,000/ 15min
L$15,000/ 30min
L$25,000/ 60min

Lovesense Toys Control/Sync
Tenera, Domi, Nora, Hush 2, Hush, Hyphi, Ridge, Osc, Lush 3, Ambi, Dolce, Gravity, Feri, Flexer, Gemini

Clips, Vids & Photo Singles

Custom Audio Clips - Your Words:
30 seconds L$5000
60 seconds L$10,000

30 seconds L$8000
60 seconds L$10,000
3 minutes: L$30,000

Single Photos:
♥ Select 1: Lips / Smile / Selfie L$2000

Single Photos No Face:
♥ Feet L$2000- L$5000
♥ Lingerie L$3000 Select 1: Breasts, Ass, Pussy.
♥ Nude Close Up L$4000 Select 1: Breasts, Ass, Pussy
♥ Full Body Lingerie L$5000
♥ Full Body Nude L$8000
♥ Cunt with fingers or toys L$6000
♥ Double stuffed Cunt & Ass with fingers or toys L$8000
♥ Custom Message with Lipstick on any body part L$5000 - L$8000

Consort: Social & Quality Time

Platonic to Flirty Quality Time in Voice & Text:
Movies, Music, Watching Gaming, Dancing, Shopping, SL Event with you, etc.
L$4,000/ 15min
L$6,000/ 30min
L$9,000/ 60min

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Custom Specific ~ Add Ons

L$5000 for Discord/Steam/SecondLife add for 3 months.
L$ 5000 for every 300 seconds to aurally & visually torture lyric while she whimpers in denial while you cum.
L$ 6000 for every 120 seconds Link Control the Lovense (social / non-session).
L$ 8000 for 300 seconds Control Link for Lovense Fuck Machine (social / non-session).
L$ 500 for every view rating / commentary / acceptance on your dick/vagina/ass/etc photos.

Want a special toy, lube, specific clothing request during cam or voice session?
L$2500 Add on requested implements with at least 15 min notice for kink session.

Check my card in world for photos of tools. Not all toys available as collection updates.

Flat Rate Gaming Sessions

L$9,000 up to 2 hours flat rate of game time no Lovense.

Want to add toys?
L$ 6000 for every 120 seconds Link Control the Lovense.

If I don't own the game on steam you wish to play I will need you to gift it to me please ahead of time.


Games I have:

Fuck Me Machine Session!

*Please allow notice of min of 15 to 30 min to setup the machine*
L$15,000/15min Control Sync link 5 min with machine
L$ 27,000/30min Control Sync link 10 min with machine
L$36,000/60min Control Sync link 15 min with machine

If you purposely attempt to injure me the session will end no refund. Each session combines multiple toys for the duration of the session. Fuck Machine limited to time listed.

Monthly Packages

10 Hours - L$100,000.00 - I'm Your Slave Girl for the Month!
Social. Service. Sex. Text. Voice. Discord. Lovense. BDSM.
Watching you on cam & lovense control.
1 Fuck Machine 15 min Session included
1 Photo Package Included of your choice.

6 Hours - L$80,000.00 - Obedience Time.
Social. Service. Sex. Text. Voice. Discord. Lovense. BDSM.
Watching you on cam & lovense control.
1 Fuck Machine 5 min Session included

3 Hours - L$40,000.00 - Quality Time.
Discord Messages/Voice. Social. Service.
Video game watching. Dancing, Cuddling, Getting to know you/me.
(1) 120 seconds Lovense Control Link Included
Hours do not roll over to next month.

Monthly Photo Package

Small Monthly Pin Up Package - $L20,000 (4 -6 photos) Non-nude.
Large Monthly Pin Up Package - $L30,000 (7-20 photos) nude & Non-nude.
Explicit Monthly Pin Up Package - $L40,000 (Full Set of photos) Includes all nude & Non-nude.

Monthly Smile / Selfie Package - $L5000 - get my smile / selfie once a week.

Want a custom monthly photo package? Depending on wants let me design something to suit you! Starting at $L10,000 - $L40,000.

Photo Store:

No Face 4k Cam Services

L$20,000 / 10 min
L$25,000 / 15 min
L$30,000 / 30 min
Add Toy Control to any above L$2500.

L$55,000 / 60 min - Full Nude Neck down let's get it on! (control / sync included).
Cam moving - possible. Requires 30 min advance notice.

Fuck Machine Enabled Lovense Control Link / Sync included:
L$65,000 / 10min
(Session is 30 min with machine 10 min)
L$75,000 / 15min
(Session is 60 min with machine 15 min)

Clips Photos
Adult Voice & Text
Add On
Fuck Machine
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